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The Paddy Pork series (John S. Goodall)

The Paddy Pork series

John S. Goodall

Browsing through the Easy Fiction section of the library, I stumbled across this series of small books for small children and was instantly added to what appears to be a faithful following of Goodall's illustrations. The delicate artwork and sheer charm of the little pig's adventures remind me strongly of the Little Bear series, but the darkness of some illustrations is all British. Goodall was an artist who used sympathetic flair and painstaking detail to create small books without text but filled with story. Here is the first one.

The Adventures Of Paddy Pork

1968, Harcourt, Brace & World

In the first of the Paddy Pork series, a little pig runs off to join the circus and falls afoul of a treacherous (and quite scary) fox. When at last he finds the circus folk, he discovers that home's best.

About the Author

John Strickland Goodall


Obituary in The Independent



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Many of the Fairacre and Thrush Green books published under the pseudonym Miss Read (Dora Saint) were illustrated by Goodall.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Horatio (1968)


Eleanor Clymer, il. Robert Quackenbush

1968, Atheneum

Mrs. Casey was very kind. Too kind. She was kind to everybody, even strangers. One rainy day she took in a stray puppy. He was cold and hungry, and she gave him some bread and milk and rubbed him with a towel.

But what did she do then? Did she open the door and send him on his way? No, indeed. She let him stay.

"We'll call him Sam," she said. "He'll be company for you, Horatio."

Horatio didn't want company.

The little story in this early reader book is very good, but the illustrations are superlative. A cranky orange cat, annoyed at his kind-hearted owner for taking in other pets, becomes lost and finds himself playing nurse to a pair of alley kittens.

About the Author


Born in New York City, she attended Barnard and graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 1928. She wrote nearly 60 books.

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