Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving doesn't get much love in the world of fiction. Movies and books set on Turkey Day are few and far between, and largely unmemorable. Below is one lovely exception, complete with a cranberry recipe in the back.

One of a series of books starring Maggie, her grandmother and the grumpy sea captain Mr. Whiskers.

About the authors
Harry Devlin (1918-2001) & Wende Devlin (1917-2002)
They met at Syracuse University and married in 1941. His art career took him to Collier's magazine, where he became a leading cartoonist and illustrator. When the magazine folded, they began a long and productive collaboration. The NJ town of Mountainside, where they lived much of their lives, has a collection of their work.

Cranberry Thanksgiving (1971)
Cranberry Mystery (1978)
Cranberry Halloween (1982)
Cranberry Christmas (1984)
Cranberry Valentine (1986)
Cranberry Birthday (1988)
Cranberry Summer (1992)
Cranberry Autumn (1993)
Cranberry Easter (1993)
Tales From Cranberryport: Moving Day (1994)
Tales From Cranberryport: Trip To The Dentist (1994)
Tales From Cranberryport: Maggie Has A Nightmare (1994)
Tales From Cranberryport: New Baby In Cranberryport (1994)
Tales From Cranberryport: Lost At The Fair (1995)
Tales From Cranberryport: First Day Of School (1995)

Old Black Witch (1963)
Old Witch And The Polka Dot Ribbon (1970)
Old Witch Rescues Halloween (1972)

The Knobby Boys To The Rescue (1965)
To Grandfather's House We Go: A Roadside Tour Of American Homes (1967)
Aunt Agatha, There's A Lion Under The Couch (1968)
What Kind Of House Is That? (1969)
What's Under My Bed? (1970)
Tales Of Thunder And Lightning (1975)
Portraits Of American Architecture (1989)
The Trouble With Henriette (1995)

The Official Wende and Harry Devlin Website
Harry And Wende Devlin
Mountainside Library Devlin Collection
Wiki article

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